Get More
Out of
your garden

Are you ready to really live off your garden?

In over 30 exclusive, detailed video lessons, we’ll walk you through how to produce your own high-quality food and really feed yourself from your garden! Whether you’re a brand new gardener or an experienced grower, this course will take your gardening to the next level. You'll also receive direct access to Silvan and Jordan to ask all your gardening questions.

What our course offers:

Set up your garden for success

  • Our Gardening 101 videos walk you through all the fundamentals on how to set up your garden to thrive! Learn how to manage your space to eliminate weeds, save your own heirloom seeds, and create compost to feed your plants
  • Learn the fundamentals of soil fertility and how to enrich your soil organically
  • Let us show you how to make your garden grow more food with less effort in accessible lessons with detailed video guides, closed captions and searchable transcriptions.
  • Plan your garden for hands-off success so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your bountiful harvest with our tried and true, science-based methods for succesful planting

Plant crops that will sustain you

  • The Crop Growing Guides will teach you all you need to know to have a productive, healthy, organic garden bursting with calorie-dense, nutritious food, whether you have a tiny backyard or several acres. 
  • Learn how to get bumper crops of grain corn, dry beans, squash, spinach, chickpeas, root vegetables and more in 16 detailed guides from seed to plate
  • Become a mushroom cultivation pro with our videos on how to grow shiitake, oyster, and lion's mane and get food out of unused spaces in your home or garden
  • Every crop growing guide has demonstrations on how to preserve your garden's bounty for Winter and a cooking section that shows you how to make our favorite homegrown meals from scratch!


Jordan and Silvan have worked in sustainable agriculture for over a decade. Jordan completed an apprenticeship in environmental farming systems after college in 2013 Silvan has been working on  farms in New Mexico, North Carolina and Pittsburgh since 2014. We ran a farm together on leased land where we grew organic produce and sold to restaurants, at farmers markets, and through a CSA program. After moving to Pittsburgh in 2015, we transitioned from commercial farming to creating an abundant self-sufficient garden that could provide us with most of our food for the year, even with little space of our own and full time day jobs. Over the years we've gained some serious insight into how to make our garden really feed us and our friends and family while minimizing all the stresses that can turn gardening into a chore. Growing food and cooking meals from what we've produced brings us so much joy, and we're so excited to share that with you through this course!


"This course was fun, useful, well-organized and easy to watch. Silvan and Jordan did a great job packaging all their knowledge into bite sized videos. I was able to learn what I needed for setting up my garden this summer without spending hours googling or watching random videos. 10/10!" - Connor


"I really enjoyed the layout of the program! I am a beginner gardener and I found you guys covered the basics really well. I found it very informative and it did help me with my first garden this year" - Lindsey


"An absolutely amazing course I 10 out of 10 recommend you get it . I learned so much more in detail about things I thought I knew" - Rosemary