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How to Make Pumpkin Walnut Muffins

pumpkin walnut muffins

When I was a kid my mother always made pumpkin-cranberry muffins in the Fall so I associate them with changing leaves and cold mornings waiting for the school bus, but these sweet and richly satisfying muffins are good any time of year. A can of pumpkin puree from the store will do just fine for this recipe, but if you’re blessed with an abundance of pumpkins in your pantry like we are, making your own is very simple.

How to Make Walnut Mushroom Burgers

As someone who was a vegetarian for most of my life until very recently, I still really appreciate a good veggie burger. Rather than thinking of them as substitutes trying to be something they’re not, I look at veggie burgers as a great way to creatively pack in a lot of vegetables into one dish and celebrate interesting flavors.

persimmon barbecue sauce

Wild Persimmon Barbecue Sauce

After pressing our American persimmons through a sieve to get seed-free pulp for our persimmon pudding recipe, we were left with a seedy, sticky mess that we definitely knew we could get more usable material out of. This recipe was an easy way to deal with the goop as we could just add liquid and then strain everything out, with an added bonus that it turned out delicious!