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A mason jar of dark pink liquid sits on a porch wall

How to Make Fruit Shrubs

Shrubs are a great way to preserve fruit when you don’t have the time or energy for canning. It’s also suitable for fruit that’s a little past its prime that you wouldn’t want to can anyway. I often make shrubs with the tail ends of a fruit crop, or after a foraging trip where I managed to grab a few handfuls of berries but not enough for a major cooking project

dock seed crackers

How to Make Dock Seed Crackers

Curly dock (rumex crispus, although many dock species will work as well) seed is easily identifiable from mid-Summer through Fall by its tall spikes of rust-brown seeds. It is often growing in large patches near agricultural fields or other disturbed areas. By grabbing the plant at the base of the seed head and stripping the seeds off into a bag, it’s easy to collect a lot in a short amount of time.